About our company

It started with a love for woodworking, became a business, and continues to be a passion.

jose cruz with employee with custom wood table he created

Quality Craftsmanship

What we do

We specialize in creating personalized woodwork designs for custom cabinets of all styles. Above all, we bridge functions and aesthetics and deliver high quality cabinetry for homes and businesses.

Why we do it

We genuinely love working with wood and making concepts on paper become a reality. There is nothing else that we enjoy more than building custom cabinetry and furniture. This is our passion.


Design Solutions

When we start a woodwork project, the first thing we do is focus on the design. We want the design to be exquisite and the drawing to be perfect because they are the foundation for excellent results.

We like to think outside the box and find unique solutions to storage issues, odd room configurations, specific acoustic requirements, and other challenges.

custom walls ceilings
jose cruz woodmaker inspecting a custom wood table

Attention to Details

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction each and every time. The clear way to achieve this is to pay attention to every detail during each phase of the project: Design / Building / Installation.

Thanks to his years of experience and his natural ability to master wood, Jose Cruz makes sure that every job ends in amazing results and that all details are addressed.


Best Use of Space

Having worked with numerous types of rooms from high end grand kitchens to small studio apartments, we know the importance of assessing a space. This skill sets us apart from other wood workers.

It is not just about doing accurate on-site measurements though that is important. It is about envisioning how the cabinets, built-ins, or other wood pieces will fit in after they are installed.

Cruz Custom Cabinets